Thursday, 18 December 2014

Spiritual Warfare Not Real Warfare

Spiritual Warfare Not Real Warfare
Anniversaries are times of celebration and reflection. In particular, Remembrance Day is a time to reflect on wars past and present. We live in chaotic times, but the world has been in chaotic times since the beginning of time. We have been fighting wars since the beginning of time, and we are still fighting wars today. Since the end of World War II, there have been more than 250 wars worldwide.

In particular, we are fighting the war on terror, especially the group known as ISIS. We are fighting a hostile enemy in a hostile environment. This environment, like all environments of war, is hostile. No one in his or her right mind wants war. Unfortunately, there are times when war is necessary. In that message, I mentioned that pacifists believe that if we prepare for war, we will get war. The goal of pacifists is admirable and in fact we must try to avoid war if possible, but sometimes war is necessary and inevitable. Sooner or later war destroys those who resort to it, especially with nuclear weapons.

War is hell. It is evil. War is a tragic fact of life in our world. God prefers peace, but he often sends his people into war. True pacifists believe in fighting with the weapons of the Holy Spirit. Our spiritual battle plan is similar to a military battle plan. The real battle in life is against Satan and evil in all of its forms. Our opponents bring evil into our lives just like enemy armies bring evil onto a physical battlefield.

Life is a battleground. Those of you who have fought in times of war know what it is like to be on a real battlefield. Veterans fought to free people from the bondage of occupation by hostile forces. Spiritual warfare also involves freeing people from bondage-the bondage of sin and evil. Christian warriors are also encouraged to turn to God in faith. God helps us in our struggles. We have to use weapons that are similar in nature to weapons used by soldiers in times of war. Just like a physical helmet protects soldiers in battle, a spiritual helmet protect Christian soldiers. On the spiritual battlefield, the weapon is the truth of the Word of God.

A soldier's belt allows him to carry his weapons. A spiritual warrior wears the belt of truth-truth about himself or herself, relationships, God and God's love, our spouses and children and relatives. The belt of truth is the best weapon to use for fighting evil.

A Christian soldier has the resources of the greatest shield of all-Jesus Christ. A good soldier also needs good footwear. Soldiers wear boots that have to meet tough regulations. Today we remember those who made the supreme sacrifice to ensure victory in wars past. Have we as a society learned anything from war at all? As long as there is greed and evil in this world, there will be war. War will only cease when we live according to the way God wants us to live, and that will only happen when Christ returns.